SEMRUSH Review For Keyword Research

Semrush is one of the top SEO keyword research tools in the industry next to Ahrefs.

Depending on how you use it, Semrush will help you do keyword research, reverse engineer your marketing strategies and track SEO performances.

In this article, we will use our own experience and breakdown the benefits of Semrush under different applications



Semush is a must-have tool for digital marketers including online affiliate marketing businesses, marketing agencies, enterprise-level websites, and many more.

SEMRush is a tool that gives you all the data, results, and information to build a successful online business. It can build an effective SEO strategy and saves time and money!

Keyword Research

SEMRUSH can analyze your own website as well as others. This is an extremely important feature that allows the person working on the project to find keywords that other competitors are using in their content but not on yours.

It will show:

  • List of competition
  • Traffic level
  • Competition level
  • A visual chart to show how you stack up among others
  • Common keywords

The keyword magic tool can easily refine keyword data and give the user a deeper insight to:

keyword research

Simply just type in a keyword to research and it will populate the following data:

  • Keyword difficulties 
  • Current SERP status
  • Search trends
  • Phrase match keywords
  • Competition
  • Estimated cost per click data
  • Related keywords
  • Export keywords to excel sheet
semrush competitors

If the user is not using a tool like SEMRUSH, they will never be able to easily find missing opportunities or long tail keywords beyond what they already know.

Google's autosuggest box or related section only shows what's relevant to the keyword in the search box, but it doesn't show you everything that's related to your topic. So SEMRUSH is that tool that will give you everything including semantic target keywords.

semrush related keywords

Your brain can only do so much to come up with ideas, and this tool boosts your ability to research data.

With this information, you can make informed keyword decisions for your content. And find even more keywords to place into existing (or upcoming) pieces of work!

Keyword Tracking

keyword position tracking

Keyword position tracking is an important feature for professionals SEO to track keyword ranking on a daily basis. A piece of content doesn't just rank for 1 keyword, and it can actually rank for hundreds or thousands of keyword big and small.

Every keyword the page ranks for drives traffic to the page and it's important to keep track of the major keywords that are driving traffic to the site and optimize them as they go. If they fall, the keyword tracking will alert the users to take action.

This tool is like a keyword notification system to alert SEO professionals, however, it will not improve your SEO performance unless you learn how to use the data and do something to improve it. 

There are tools like ProRankTracker to do the tracking, but SEMRUSH has everything included.

TIP 1: It's not necessary to optimize everything, but do optimize keywords that has value to your business

Tip 2: Research low competition keywords starting with a trigger word that has an intent behind (Get your trigger word list here)

Content Template

seo content template

Content template feature helps content creators and editors to get the job done much faster. It's a tool that can generate content outline and pass it onto the writer.

semrush content template outline

The writer can quickly create the content based on the suggest keywords and title recommended by SEMRUSH. For rapid content creation, this is an amazing tool to create a minimal viable content to start ranking, then editors can go back and optimize to rank for more keywords.

The user can export the template to a word document and start writing.  In addition, the SEMRUSH extension tool helps track the keywords being added to the page.

Link Building Tool

The Link Building Tool is a great way to get your domain included in search engine results pages.

By running an outreach campaign, you can potentially acquire links from other websites and rank higher on Google! This tool makes it easy because Semrush has already done all the work for us by collecting link building opportunities of various sizes

  • Large lists of outreach prospects based on target keywords and competitors
  • Built in workflow to manage the outreach process
  • Gmail and Google Search Console integration
  • Automatic contact information retrieval for target websites
  • “Monitor” report to follow your campaign’s progress over time
  • Website Audit & Competitor Analysis

    semrush backlink audit

    To check out competitor's SEO performance, all you have to do is head over the dashboard and enter your domain (without http:// or www) into their main search bar. This will give all of these rankings for that particular website, including details on how many pages they have in total!

    The most important thing to take away from this insight is that there's an issue with your website. You can see for yourself by clicking on the blue button in Report > Overview and reading more about what needs fixing here!

    backlink comparison

    The backlink profile insights offer the following:

    • Red Flash: This group flags potentially crucial issues impacting your backlink profile that need to be reviewed.
    • Orange Flash: This group alerts you of things that could be improved to make your backlink profile stronger.
    • Blue Gear Icon: Offers tips and recommendations for how to configure the Backlink Audit tool, to ensure more accurate results and to make the tool easier to use

    What to do list

    Yes, SEMRUSH gives the SEO professional a suggested what to do list to be more organized

    semrush what to do

    This part goes with the keyword research process where you can look at the organic keywords from multiple competitors and their backlink profiles.

    To see who is linking to your competitors website enter this URL into the box below. The tool will show you hyper-specific data on where they are getting links from, as well what pages those links go too!

    semrush backlink analysis

    Take that data and reverse research what you have to do to get caught up with the competition. It basically gives the SEO professional a 100,000 ft view of the competition landscape and make calculated decisions wisely.