Pro Rank Tracker Review

ProRankTracker is a powerful SEO tool that helps you track your keyword rankings across all major search engines.

With ProRankTracker, you can see how your keywords are performing over time and make changes to your SEO strategy accordingly. ProRankTracker also allows you to track your competitor's keyword rankings, giving you valuable insights into their SEO strategies.

What's Pro Rank Tracker's Core Use


ProRankTracker actively tracks selected keyword ranking on the SERP for a specific website, and it analyzes the data with visualizations and charts.  The software automatically generate reports for a marketing team to use.


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With ProRankTracker's free trial, you'll have unlimited access to all features and be able test drive it before upgrading.

If you need to track keyword rankings for up ten sites with 200,000 pages of on-page SEO capabilities then the $49 monthly plan is a great deal. The other plans go up from there depending upon how many keywords are needed in order accomplish your task at hand - whether it be 500 or 1000!

Who Should Use Pro Rank Tracker

SEO professionals, marketing agencies should use Pro Rank Tracker to audit clients' website keyword positions. The software gives status update to keyword ranking so SEO professionals can take steps to improve the business or on-page content quality to rank higher.

After all, Pro Rank Tracker should work hand in hand with other keyword research tools like SEMRUSH or AHREFS for more supporting data to make strategic content tactics.

How Accurate Is Pro Rank Tracker

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No keyword software out there is 100% accurate. Pro Rank Tracker is accurate enough to provide business owners the keyword data required to make educated marketing decisions. Many SEO agencies or small online business owners use the program to track SEO performance as well as to get early updates on any search engine changes to be ahead of the game.

Using Pro Rank Tracker isn't going to magically improve your business if it has the business obviously has problems or exhibits poor content strategies. However, we can use our baseline marketing knowledge and find a couple of features extremely helpful in this program.

  • High Keyword Tracking Accuracy - The program updates frequently to stay recent
  • Complete Search Engine Coverage - Works for Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines
  • Competition Tracking - See keyword position graphs among other competitors
  • Local Keyword Ranking Tracking - Track local SEO efforts including Google Maps listings
  • Mobile Ranking Tracking - Track smartphone website users
  • Video Ranking Tracking - Works for YouTube and Google Videos
  • No URL limits - Track as many URL as you want
  • Advanced Reporting - Organize the data for presentation
  • Affordable  - Try the free plan first

User Interface

pro rank tracker interface

Everything is clearly layed out on the sidebar and the dashboard presents any visualization data the user has customized to see.

Users can easily navigate through the tool and get to where they need to go without sorting though tons of stuff.

How To Add Keywords To Track

pro rank tracker keyword tracking

Simply just enter the URL of the page you want to track, insert keywords, pick the search engine type to start tracking.

The tags are  used for filtering, and the note allows the user to write your future-self some text which would remind you something important about the URLs and terms that you are currently creating, 


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The software will give the user the current status of the keyword being tracked, and this immediately gives marketers a 100000 ft view to know the overall strategies to implement to improve the content. 

If the keyword ranking went up, then it may validate the new improvements added to the website. In an essence, weekly keyword tracking helps marketers to have accurate data to make decisions.

Pro Rank Tracking Reporting

Pro Rank Tracker has the following different types of reports that it can generate for you, each of which has sub-types of its own:

Overview Report - shows the current rankings of a selected range of URLs and terms compared to a user-defined point in time which can be yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, etc.

  • Group Summary - Display all of URLs in an organized way to present
  • Tag Summary - Show all of keywords with tags added

Progress Report - Pro Rank Tracker show keyword performance based on time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Comparison Report - It generates keyword performance among other URLs

Benchmark Report - Compare data against previous dates

The program also features automated reports and sent directly to Dropbox or Google drive accounts. Once the user has set the report frequency and format, the program will automatically update you or your clients.

Pro Rank Tracker has been proven to be one of the most successful ranking tracking tools around , and when used properly can help individuals grow their websites faster than ever before. This will bring in tons or revenue for SEO agencies providing these services too!