How to Sign Documents Electronically Using Your Phone, PC or Mac [No Print Or Scan Required]

Electronic signatures are important. They’re a part of daily life, and they’re required on all sorts of documents and file types, but not being able to generate one can be incredibly frustrating.

This guide will show you how to sign documents electronically using free tools on PC, Phone and Mac, and we will also recommend some paid tools if you need to use this professionally to sign PDFs for yourself or clients.

How to Fill and Sign PDF on Mac

As is the case with many basic procedures on a Mac, generating an electronic signature is simple. It starts by opening the file to be signed in Preview, and you can do this by clicking the toolbox icon located in the upper right corner.

After that, find and click on the “signature” icon. You’ll see a “Create Signature” item on the drop-down menu, and when you click on that you can track your signature.

You’ll have two choices from there-Camera and Trackpad. You can use either one to record your signature, and when you’ve finished, simply select “Done.” From there you can move and resize your signature for any PDF.

How to Fill and Sign PDF on PC

With a PC, the procedure is a little different. You simply click on the spot where you want the signature line to be, then click on “Insert>Signature Line.”

After that, click Microsoft Office Signature Line, and in the Signature Setup box that pops up, you can type a name in the Suggested signer box. In addition, you can add a title in the title box of the Suggested signer.

The nomenclature is a little confusing, but once you click on OK, the signature line will appear in your document, and you should be good to go.

Generating an Electronic Signature Using a Smartphone

With an iPhone, you can use the tools built into the Mail app. If you receive an attachment, tap and download it, then tap again to open it. Look for the marker icon in the upper right, then tap that and the tools will appear at the bottom.

If you select the + symbol, text and signature options will appear. When you fill out the forms that come with them, you’ll be able to send the form using either “New Message” or “Reply All.”

The Adobe Sign and Fill app is another useful way to do this. It’s free for Android and iOS users, and if you’re dealing with paper forms, you can simply snap a picture, add whatever text is necessary along with your signature, then save.

There are several annoyances that can come into play when it comes to electronic signatures, and most of them pertain to steps in the aforementioned procedures that simply don’t work, often when new authentication requirements simply appear as a pop-up.

Recommended Paid Tool For Professionals & Clients

Tools like DocuSign, Eversign, etc. are highly recommended to speed up signature workflow and they run on the cloud.

This means the user doesn’t have to download or install any dedicated software on the computer. Users simply log in and easily generate documents with signature boxes for people to sign. This software makes individualized signature signing much easier digitally.