How to Extract Email Addresses From PDF

Steps on extracting email addresses from PDF

  1. If you don’t have a PDF file reader software installed, get any trusted PDF file reader. We’ll be using the most updated version of Adobe Reader for this article. You can get the free version or the full-paid version that lets you access more services and content.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the PDF file you will extract the email addresses from.
  3. Find the � Select Tool’ option by right-clicking the open PDF file.
  4. Choose the parts of the PDF file that you’re going to copy by highlighting them.

How the PDF file was made could determine if you’ll be able to extract files easily or not. Here are some factors that may affect this:

  • You can highlight text in a PDF made on a word processor, like PDF files made in MS Word. Too much text can be challenging to select, try to copy texts in small chunks.


  • You will be unable to select text if the PDF was a scanned document. The PDF file is recognized as an image rather than a text file. Make a selection box by clicking and dragging, however, it won’t copy as a text but as an image. See the following section for information on how to convert the file so that the text can be selected.


  • For an image to be copied, the entire image must be dragged inside the selection box.

7. To copy the content you’ve selected, find and click �Copy’ from the Edit menu.

6. Finally, for the email addresses to be extracted, go to and paste what you copied in the box found on the website. This website can also be used as an email scraper for phone numbers and web addresses. You can choose which items to ignore and which keywords you need to be found.

For Large Volume Email Extraction

Get Adobe Acrobat’s full version here