5 Best Ways To Bypass Hotel WiFi Throttling

It’s annoying when the hotel wifi doesn’t allow you to perform Zoom calls or download essential work-related files fast.

Here are the 5 best ways to bypass hotel wifi throttling so you can get your work done while traveling.

Why Hotel Wifi Throttling Is A Thing?

Some people may use the internet with excessive bandwidth and slow down other people’s ability to use the internet. So some hotels intentionally limit the speed.


A VPN service is the best way to bypass hotel internet bandwidth throttling. It basically hides your IP and identity, so your info is never visible to the ISP.

Express VPN is our number 1 choice. We have been using it for a long time and it just works from anywhere. Others work too and you can check them out here.

USB Tethering

USB Tethering simply means physically connecting to the internet without WiFi while using your mobile device. (Not mobile hotspot, hotspot requires wifi connection)

It provides a high-speed internet connection while sharing the connection between your mobile devices and the connected computer systems. This is because Wired connections are much stronger than Wireless LAN connections.

  1. Connect mobile to laptop using USB cable
  2. On the mobile phone, go to settings > portable hotspot settings
  3. Select USB Tethering
  4. On the computer, Click YES when pop up appears regarding permission to connect to mobile device

Use Google DNS For Windows Users

Follow the steps:

  1. Open “RUN” app
  2. Enter “GPEDIT.MSC”
  3. Local Group Policy Editor Appears
  4. Go to Computer Config Option > Admin Templates > Netwrok > QoS Packet Scheduler > Limit Re-servable Bandwith
  5. Type “0” for Bandwith Limit % and Click “OK”
  6. Go To Control Panel
  7. Select “Change Adapter Settings”
  8. Local Area Connection > Properties
  9. Select “Internet Protocol V4” to enable
  10. Enter “” in the DNS server box to Google DNS server
  11. Reconnect the internet

If this doesn’t work for you, the easiest method is still to get a VPN.

Use Proxy Server

Proxy server is a temporary method to bypass internet throttling. It hides your IP and protects your data or identity while on public network even when the hotel provides you with a login.

There are free or paid proxy servers available.

We recommend: Smartproxy as the best overall option to have reliable internet browsing with worldwide IP coverage and stay anonymous.

Go Somewhere Else

If the problem is just super slow internet, then you may have to get out of the hotel and go somewhere else. For most well known hotels in the United States, internet is pretty fast.