How To Add Title Tag In WordPress Easily

Here is how to add title tag in WordPress easily without using editing codes.

The title tag is extremely important for visitors to see on search engine result page (SERP). It should clearly describe what the content is about, and the search engine algorithm definitely takes it into account.

Adding title tag for a page in WordPress can be done by editing the HTML code as follows:

html code

<title> XYZ </title>

An experienced SEO person can view the source code of a page to detect if the title tag is missing or not.

Most WordPress themes can automatically add the title to the header with the name of the website, but there is an easier way with a plugin without scanning through clustered HTML codes.

Some times editing title tag and forgetting syntax can break the website, and it takes a lot of work to locate the problem in the HTML code.

Using a plugin like Yoast SEO makes it so much easier without making coding mistakes.

Easier Way To Add Title Tag

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin for a website. One of the best feature is allowing user to add technical details including meta description, redirect URLs and many more.

yoast seo title tag

The plugin offers the editor a box the simply add the following without scanning through cluttered HTML codes:

  • Title
  • Page
  • Separator
  • Site title

The editor can delete variables or type in whatever it supposed to be.

wordpress add title tag

It's so easy to work with, and it comes with other important SEO tools to make editing a website easy. In many ways, we recommend skipping other plugins and just stick with Yoast SEO for non coding experts.

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