How To Add Google Maps To WordPress Site

Add Google Maps to WordPress site can be very easy if you use the following tools, but we will also show you a manual way to do it if you have some coding skills.

The easiest way to add Google Maps to a wordpress site is to use a page builder plugin, and these are the top products people use:


Thrive - Best Overall

Thrive Architect is a simple WordPress page builder with Google Maps click and drag element. Just drag it into the page and resize it. 

Thrive also include various conversion focused elements to build effective website pages.

Like this:

add maps to website

All other page builder plugins can do the same without manually editing any code on the page

Elementor - 2nd Choice

elementor add google maps

Elementor is probably the top 3 page builder for WordPress. It's just like Thrive theme, and it allows the user to edit the page without coding.

People with no technical background can build an amazing website using this plugin.

Manual Method

Another way is to manually add embed Google maps to the page by doing the following:

1. Find a address on Google.

2. Click "share"

add maps to website

3. Select Embed a map

embed map to website

4. Copy iframe html code

5. Create a HTML box on the page, and paste the code 

add embed map to wordpress

It's pretty simple to do, but if you want the click and drag feature.

We highly recommend the Thrive or Elementor plugins.

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