How To Add Buy On Amazon Button On WordPress

Here is how to add buy on Amazon button on WordPress to make some money

This is extremely easy to do with the following methods:

  • Link buy on amazon button image to Amazon product
  • Use page builder button feature inside Thrive, Ultimate Blocks or Elementor

Adding Button As Image

buy on amazon button
  1. Go to Google and search for "buy on amazon button" in image.
  2. Find the image you want and save it to your computer
  3. Upload the image to the page and add Amazon link to the picture (Just that easy)
buy from amazon

Simply just link the button image to a targeted URL.

Be sure to select "Open in new tab" and "No follow" to ensure the visitor stay on your site and not lose link juice.

add buy on amazon button to website

To get the most out of your web page editing experience, we highly recommend Thrive Theme page builder

Adding Buy On Amazon Button Using A Page Builder Plugin

The benefit of using a block editor or a page builder plugin is to quickly add elements to the page. Simply just click and drag whatever you want onto the page.

Download Thrive Architect Plugin Here

add buy on amazon button on wordpress

Just like this:

With Thrive Theme, the user can change the size of the button, add color, add icons, and add text to whatever the user wants.

This is a much easier way without having to save bunch of button images on your computer.

Besides adding various button on your website with Thrive Architect, the user can also easily add Google maps to WordPress site, Email integration, Credit Card payment, Social feed and much more cool features without having to code.

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