How To Add A Banner In WordPress Easily

Here is how to add a banner on a WordPress website easily to drive traffic to relevant pages on your website.

Users can simply upload a banner image or display the banner in an auto-rotate ad plugin.

Upload Banner Image

  1. Create an ad banner using Canva or photoshop.
  2. Upload the image to WordPress media library
  3. Add image to any post or page

Highly recommend using Canva (free) to create custom size banners

Show Banner Image Using Auto Rotate Ad Plugin

advanced ads plugin

Auto rotate ad plugin on a website helps to rotate the banner ad differently for every page session for every visitor. In many ways, this can serve as A/B testing, link tracking to find out which banner ad is getting the most impression and clicks.

Our favorite ad plugin free to use is Advanced Ads

upload plugin interface wp

Download it here and upload it


Or search for it inside WordPress plugin

Bonus: Banner Ad Tips

Most colorful banner ads actually get less than 0.4% click-through rate. So many of them aren't as effective as compare to text based banner ads.

Here are some tips to display banner ads on a website with more targeted intent.

  • Text ad does the best, and fancy visuals actually don't 
  • Ad size about 336X280 does the best according to historic advertising data 
  • Include clear call to action words
  • Custom design banner ad based on the focus of the page (Do not place random ads)
  • The message on the banner ad should match the intent of the topic discussed on the page or post
  • Make the banner ad look like the part of the content to receive more clicks

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