Hiveage Billing Software Review

Do you plan to buy a feature-rich, user-friendly, cloud-based billing and invoicing software product? Let us discuss Hiveage billing software in detail to find whether this product is worth investing in. This Hiveage review explores the features and benefits of this software to help you make an informed buying decision.

Affordable Subscription Plans

hiveage pricing

Hiveage offers four different monthly subscription plans for customers. You can choose the most suitable one based on your unique needs and budget. If you are just starting up, you can sign up for free to get a basic understanding of this product.

The Basic package is the best choice for freelancers. You need to pay only $16 per month to buy this package. If you want to run your small business like a professional, you should choose the Hiveage Pro package. The price of this plan is $25 per month.

For the most part, the basic package can get the job done without needing other fancy features if your business simply just don't need them.

If you run a business that need more than the basics, the Hiveage Plus package is the one to go with. It offers many added features and benefits at $42 per month. The yearly payment packages of Hiveage help you save up to 17% compared to monthly plans.

Does Hiveage Make Invoice Generation Easier?


Yes. Hiveage can load template to generate businesses invoice within a few minutes. For individual business owner, you don't need to craft your own form.

Can a new hire easily learn how to use Hiveage within a week?

Yes, this cloud-based software product has a simple, intuitive interface and design that keeps users satisfied.

A little bit of hand holding in the beginning is required just like anything else, but the person learning can quickly pick up the skills without worry about any complicated features or functions. Everything can be done with a few simple clicks. Thanks to the highly functional and user-friendly core layout.

Generate Accurate Financial Reports with Ease

hiveage financial reports

This web-based billing platform lets you generate real-time financial reports on expenses and income with 100% precision. It also creates in-depth reports on invoice details and accounts aging. The bottom line is that you can stay on top of your finances when choosing this cloud-based software product.

This feature-rich software lets you log the hours you work on client projects. Your expenses can be recorded conveniently. Further, you can keep track of your business trips. Above all, all these details can be converted into invoices.

You can generate up-to-date monthly financial reporting summaries and accounts receivable and payable. It also allows you to create year-to-date income and expenditure statements.

Performance evaluation becomes a lot easier with the financial reporting solutions of Hiveage. Clear and concise charts provide accurate summaries of the transactions for the currencies you have utilized for invoicing.

Send Invoices Fast

send invoice

This web-based platform lets you optimize invoices conveniently based on your unique needs. You can send elegant invoices to create a lasting impression on your clients. A simple click allows you to add data and send it to clients.

Convenient Data Export for Detailed Analysis

Hiveage can export data as CSV files at any time and it can be further evaluated on a spreadsheet.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Do you want to send payment reminders automatically to clients without forgetting anything? Hiveage can do that for you. As long as you set it up correctly for each client, it's ready to go.

Tax Calculator

hiveage sending invoice

Tax calculation becomes an effortless task when using this online invoicing and billing platform. You can save and add all these details to the line items or subtotals of your estimates and invoices.

The days of manually keeping track of tax expenses are over. You can easily track and calculate everything in one place.

Generating business quotes

You can prepare elegant business quotes for your clients. These well-drafted estimates always encourage immediate action from them. Hiveage also helps you get their online acceptance. With the help of the "Convert to Invoice" feature, you can generate invoices from quotations. All these tasks can be performed with a simple click of a button.

In addition, many business owners are worried about receiving a timely response to their quotes. You can set an expiry date on Hiveage to inform clients about the deadline. This method lets you keep customers in the loop after sending a quote. You can send expiration reminders to help clients make fast and favorable decisions.

Hourly Billing

hiveage take money

Several industries, including lawyers, consultants, advertising agencies, freelance creators, and web developers, typically bill by the hour.

Hiveage can keep track of that in just a few clicks to set it up and collect payments

Can You Import Hiveage Data into QuickBooks?

hiveage to quickbooks

QuickBooks is the most favored accounting application for numerous accounting professionals. You can import all data easily to enjoy the best of both worlds. Don't worry about spending a lot of time on this task. It can be done within a few minutes.

The first step is to visit the Settings category. Then, opt for Data Import/Export. The next step is to choose the Export data to services before selecting QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, based on your platform.

Bank-level Security

Hiveage uses bank-level security features to offer the best data protection against third parties and eavesdroppers.