30 Best WordPress Plugins

There are so many plugins for building websites, and here are the 30 best WordPress plugins to improve site features, SEO, navigations, interactive features and more.


hubspot crm

HubSpot's drag-and-drop form builder is an easy way to build contact forms for your WordPress website. This plugin also includes a pop up creator, live chat widget and database of contacts already on the site so you don't have do any previously written code!

Advanced Ads

advanced ads plugin

Advanced Ads enables WordPress website users the ability to create advertisement blocks and autorotational ad / adsense group with much more control and analytics tracking ability. The free version gets the ad showing on the website, and the paid version enables Google Analytics tracking to show impression and clicks tracking.

This plugin is extremely important to track the click through rate performance of any banners on your site.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo title tag

Yoast is a great front end tool for website owners to help get the most out of their sites, with straightforward XML Sitemaps and breadcrumb navigation control. It also provides content analysis tools so you can see where your site stands in various search engines as well as snippet preview features that will show what people are searching when they come onto yours.

This completely eliminates the need to do basic technical SEO work without editing codes


elementor add google maps

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders on WordPress with over 2 million downloads and counting. With 100+ templates to choose from, including ones for services testimonials call-to action pages etc without coding.

You'll be able create marketing content in no time! You can also customize everything about your design -- Box Shadows Background Overlays Hover Effects Headline Traffic Builder Animations are all at hand so that visitors stay focused while scrolling through their blogs or websites.

Thrive Theme

add table to wordpress using thrive

Thrive Theme is the competitor of Elementor. Thrive Theme provides the same type of page builder features and it works pretty much the same as elementor.

Thrive Themes provides you the tools to build a conversion-friendly marketing sales funnel right inside of WordPress. They are cheaper than alternatives such as ClickFunnels, and also provide great flexibility when designing your site or adding features through its customizability options!


wpform for wordpress

Thanks to WPForms, creating forms for your website has never been easier. With over 5 million active installations of this plugin across all platforms - including desktop and mobile versions- you can be sure that there's a form builder available just right on time!

The drag & drop interface makes adding custom fields easy as pie while also giving users 300+ prebuilt templates they might find useful too, and making it super quick.

Google Site Kit Tool

google site kit tool

Google Site Kit is the perfect solution for websites that require access to different Google services and want an easy way of tracking their reports. You can view everything in one place, including analytics data on how your site performs across all these platforms! The installation is extremely easy and fast to set up as you follow the instructions.

WP Rocket

wp rocket plugin

WP Rocket is a plugin that helps you boost your website speed easily. When activated, the plugin applies 80% of web performance best practices to make sure websites run smoothly and quickly for both visitors as well SEO rankings! You'll find powerful features such has removing unused CSS & JavaScript from pages while also delaying their execution if needed - all in order improve Google’s loading time stats which will rank higher on SERPS (search engine results page). This one tool does so much but doesn't take up too much space or memory either- perfect

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

W3 Total Cache is a fantastic tool for improving your blog's performance. It not only enhances the user experience by increasing website speeds and reducing download durations, but also uses caching techniques that are important factors in how Google ranks pages - which means you'll be able to rank higher on searches too!


imagify wordpress

Imagify automatically scales down the images on your website to increase website loading speed without compromising pixel quality. Imagify is a must have for picture heavy websites, and it's a important plugin that can also help improve Core Web Vital performance.

Broken Link Checker

404 error finder

Broken Link Checker is a plugin that helps you identify broken links on your website and notify users when they surface. Broken links can affect your SEO performance and sales if they're undetected.

The tool facilitates editing of 404 errors from within its interface, making it easy for updating content without having go back into each post individually!

Pretty Links

pretty links logo

Pretty Links has the capability to create beautiful links and share them with your friends on social media, track who clicks through from Google searches or when someone simply pastes one into their browser window--you get all this valuable information for free! Plus there are more premium features available too like shrinking hyperlinks, AND speeding up loading times by compressing images before including them inside HTML code where necessary


akismet plugin

Akismet is the perfect solution for blogs that want to stop spam from polluting their site. The Akismet plugin will examine any new visitor's comment and tell you if it falls under what we consider "spam" or not-a label given only to those comments which may include malicious content such as links designed specifically towards malware downloads.

Calculated Fields Form

calculated field form plugin

The Calculated Fields Form plugin allows you to create simple calculators for your WordPress site in a flash. You can easily build finance tools, quote calculator templates and more! It also comes pre-packaged with many form templates so it won't take long before they're all set up correctly too.


Wordfence plugin

Wordfence is a plugin that scans your WordPress site for malware and other infections. It will protect you from reputation-damaging hacks, like the ones which can happen when hackers serve malicious software or even disable websites with bad intentions!


tablepress plugin

Tables are the backbone of every great website. With TablePress, you can create beautiful and customizable tables to display all types of data on your WordPress site in an easy-to understand format that won't break or lose its formatting when it's embedded anywhere across the page!

Editorial Calendar

editorial calendar wordpress

The Editorial Calendar plugin simplifies your blog management with a simple drag-and drop interface that allows you to schedule posts and easily edit title information. You can also manage drafts in this easy tool, so it doesn't take much time at all!

Page Type Switcher

post type switcher

If you ever made a mistake choosing the wrong post type. The page type switcher plugin allows the WordPress user to switch the page type without having to copy and paste the content again. It's fast and it's a great tool for new and experienced website owners.

WPS Hide Login

download wps hide login

WPS Hide protects your WordPress's login panel by changing the default wp-admin to anything you want. By changing the URL for WordPress login will significantly reduce the number of spam or hacker from entering your site.


autoptimize plugin

Imagine waiting 3 seconds for each page load. That's an hour just trying to navigate through your site! With Autoptimize, you can have fast websites without having any technical knowledge at all - now that is something worth celebrating with some cake please


optinmonster wordpress plugin

The OptinMonster plugin gives you the tools to create forms that will capture visitors' attention and encourage them into taking action. With this form builder, there are no limits on what type of opportunity can be created!

Pixel Caffeine

pixel caffeine plugin

Users can can manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively. You'll have access to features like tracking conversions in WordPress's dashboard with Facebook Ad Tracking; creating custom audiences based on customer retention windows. This is important for remarketing ads that target people who haven't been active on social media since before they visited our site or app previously ;and even receiving notifications whenever somebody leaves one company only visit another service provider


LIVECHAT wordpress

When you need quick answers, LiveChat is there for your everyday business operations. The software is built with marketing needs in mind and capable of providing web analytics as well!
You can now easily contact one of our expert support agents to get the help that suits all sorts o f Commerce types on any device - even when offline


woocommerce plugin

Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform for online stores and if you want to start an international business then it's WooZone which will make sure everything runs smoothly with no problems whatsoever.

You can have complete control of your online store with this WordPress plugin, giving you the ability to design and implement unique features that fit any brand.

Take advantage of our extensive range and flexible payment options so you can shop how, when and where it’s convenient for your busy lifestyle.

Insert Headers and Footers

header and footer editor plugin

Head, Footer and Post Injections is a tool that helps you organize your plugins by copying unique codes from other locations. You can keep all of these modular pieces in one place for easy access anywhere on any website - without losing anything when switching themes!

Simple Author Box

author bio box wordpress

With the Simple Author Box, you can add a fully responsive author box to your posts. This will make it so that this information is always available on any screen - from mobile phone or desktop computer! It offers all of our tools for creating these beautiful boxes-which ultimately provide everything needed about authors in one place.

Really Simple SSL

really simple ssl plugin

Really Simple SSL is a lightweight, easy-to use plugin that moves your website to an encrypted connection with one click. You don't have worry about any technical details because our team has taken care of it all for you!


updraftplus wordpress backup plugin

Back up your site with just a few clicks! Must have and self explanatory

WP Call Button


With the WP Call Button plugin, you can add an easy-to use call to action button for your site. This will help give potential customers a way of reaching out and making those conversionials happen faster than ever before!