7 Best AI Text To Speech Software

Here are the 7 best AI text to speech software that will blow your mind with what you can create.

We have tested all of them with different text as well as stuff involving tonalities and emotions. 

Here are the best:


descript logo

The Descript does the best job at cloning voice based on the samples the user provide using the Overdub feature. The longer the samples the better the quality. Users can use Descript to edit podcasts, replace sentences, fill in misspoken words and more without having to re-record the video to save time.

descript interface

Descript can also record and transcribes live to turn audio into text. In another word, it creates blog and audio content in one go.

Overall, this software generate ultra realistic text-to speech that will completely change the way you create content.

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Main Feature People Like:

  • Clone human voice to AI voice 
  • Live audio to text transcription 
  • Replace misspoken words or sentences without having to re-record the whole thing
murf logo

Murf makes it easy to swap in a new voice for your script. Upload any recording, fix up the imperfections that happen during recording like noise or interruptions with ease - then generate an automated audio file so you can get back on track quickly!

It can simply turn your recorded audio into a professional sounding AI voice.

MURF ai interface

The software features studio-quality voiceovers for YouTube content without spending big bucks on fancy equipment or hiring professional voice actor. With Murf, you control how your voiceover sounds, from start to finish. Choose from 120+ voices in 20+ languages.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Remove background noise and turn voiceover into super professional audio file
altered ai logo

Altered.ai is even more advanced than Descript. This AI voiceover software can turn your audio into anyone else's voice live simply by speaking into the mic. The biggest benefit of Altered.ai is adding intonation, prosody and emotions for your project without spending countless hours auditioning professional voice actors who may not be good fits.

Traditional casting and recording has many risks. Recordings may become outdated, or the talent representing your brand could sound different over time- perhaps even becoming unavailable! Altered.ai enables timeless presence for any content you create with it.

altered ai

The users have full control over the editing process to create voices for audio books, video game characters, Youtube content, tiktok videos, educational content and many more. The content creator can produce high quality audio at any time without adhere by voice actor's schedule.

Not everyone has the voice to go with the content they create, so this is the perfect tool for top tier content creators who can't use their own voice.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Adding intonation, prosody and emotion to the speech (Descript can't do it)
  • Talk directly into the mic and change the voice immediately
replica ai logo

Replicastudio is geared towards the video game developer to make it incredibly easy to rapidly produce voice lines, play-test development builds in game, and it gives you the feedback that will help improve the product.

The artificial intelligence model learns how to perform by copying the unique speech patterns and emotional range of real voice actors.

ai voice actors for video games

Replica makes it easy for voice talent and professionals in creative fields like movies, TV shows or games. Their core technology takes just minutes of speech samples from users around the world so they can create their own Replica Voice which says anything--in other words you license your own unique personality with our service!

Main Feature People Like:

  • Compatible with various game development engines like Unreal, iClone 7, Unity and other programs
  • Optimized for game development


resemble ai logo

Resemble.ai features real time APIs to build immersive experiences that are more compelling. The program features similar functions like Descript to replace your voice with an artificial one to make it sound more natural and unnoticed by the listener.

The user can also dub their voice recording into other languages to reach a broader audience kinda like altered.ai but much cheaper. Further more, Resemble can create any custom voice from your data source and enable it speak those foreign dialects automatically with just one tap!

ai generating ad

On top of all that good stuff, Resemble.ai features something like the JasperAi writing tool that can automatically generate good copy for videos and ads!

Main Feature People Like:

  • Dub voice into other languages
  • Ad copy generator like Jasper AI
wellsaid logo

After testing it against other programs available on the market, Wellsaid is a good enough professional level AI voiceover tool that still need more features than just providing basic text to speech feature.

wellsaid lab

The program gives access to over 4 voice avatars and 1000's of clips. From casual spoken word readings for podcasts or blog posts on the fly-by interview style questions that will bring your readers into conversation - all at $49 per month!

Main Feature People Like:

  • Custom pronunciation modification for specific words and acronyms

Speechelo is the cheapest entry TTS software options we have in this list to get started. Yes it's better than any free Text to speech programs online to create voiceover in your videos. The basic version of the software doesn't require recurring payments. Once you purchased it, you have it forever to use.

speechelo interface

Speechelo features speech speed control for male and female voices, and it works with 24 languages includes English.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Simple and fast

Squarespace Studio isn't a dedicated AI voiceover software like the ones we have mentioned above, but it's capable of creating AI audio narration tool to provide the most simple "adding voice to text overlay " control to use on social media.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Easy and simple for none serious voiceover use

ai voiceover tools logo

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